The GazettE
manalover first off, Ama, if you see this, don't read. heart emoticon Love you but I don't want to upset you.

Okay, so I got the see The Gazette! So fucking awesome. I can't even put into words the experience; not really. It was beyond everything I could have ever imagined. The line were annoying but we met some really cool people that we will likely never see again. Everyone was polite and nice. People that didn't even know each other were sharing meals and drinks, talking about their hometowns and more all while we waited for them to let us in...while the boys were apparently inside playing on those wheelie things. They were posting videos. [I have a second degree burn now thanks to waiting on you guys to finish playing ;P]

Once we got inside and in the hall, we were able to get a spot RIGHT by the barrier. Everyone was really nice while we waited. People saved spots for others, shifted to let the shorter people up front. We all talked and chatted about everything from Gazette to other bands and more. The boys trolling us too it seemed as they kept turning off the lights and getting us beyond excited only for them to be like...nope. LOL

Once the concert started OMG. I died! Lost my shit completely. Ended up having a MAJOR asthma attack and scared a crap ton of people but what the hell, I didn't need to breathe anyway XD. A friend said she was pretty sure I worried the band too once they noticed, kind of hard to miss with a giant gap in the crowd stopping to check on me. If I did, I'm sorry, but I was having the time of my life and I'd do it all over again in an instant.

Meeting the Gazette in person was more than I could have hoped for. It was only a handshake with each of you, but it was more than I ever thought possible. I am burnt, can barely move, my ribs hurt and so much more, but I would do it again without a second thought.

To those at the concert, I don't know if you'll see this, but if you do, thank you. Several of you, many of you who didn't even know me, stopped to simply see if I was okay. The the women behind me, thank you for trying to help. It is appreciated. To my friends that I was there with, thank you for making sure I didn't simply collapse during the show. I'm pretty sure I would have if it wasn't for the adrenaline. The second that show ended I was on the ground but it was so worth it.

I love you all

World Behind the Walls
For Ama!!!!
Band: Tokio Hotel
Pairing: Bill/Tom
Rating: G
Together ForeverCollapse )

Second Best
Kaulitz, tokio hotel, Bill, bill kaulitz
Birthday Fic for a friend.
Pairing: Adam/Bill

OneshotCollapse )

Better Late Than Never
Kaulitz, tokio hotel, Bill, bill kaulitz
For Sasukegirl on DA

Theme: Christmas
Rate: G
Pair: Chiyu/Takeru

Read more...Collapse )

Kaulitz, tokio hotel, Bill, bill kaulitz
The icons I uploaded, they were made SPECIFICALLY for me. So not use them without asking for my permission first.

ANY of my icons. Please. 

Family Secrets
Kaulitz, tokio hotel, Bill, bill kaulitz
Band: Tokio Hotel
Pairing: Tom/Bill
Rating: G
Warning: OOC; MxM; non-twincest incest
Disclaimer: I do not own either twin. I also do not own the band. Just the bunnies that came up with this.
Summary: After a 9 year seperation, Bill and Tom find themselves thrown back together. After a call from the police, Tom finds himself guardian of Bill once again, but what are the secrets between them. Will they be able to become a family once again or are there to many things standing in their way?

ReunionCollapse )

Meeting of the Minds
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Custom Bookmarks for Sale! Order now!
Kaulitz, tokio hotel, Bill, bill kaulitz
1. $.50 - SMALL (4 1/2 cm x 14 1/2 cm)
2. $1.00 -  MEDIUM (5 cm x 18 cm)
3. $1.50 - LARGE (6 cm x 22 cm)
4. $2.00 - Bookmark pair (2 bookmarks of Any size)
5. $4.00 - Bookmark set (3-5 related bookmarks of any sizes)
6. Offer - Bookmark sets (6+ bookmarks)
Order form:
1. Size(s)
2. Customs side request (anime character, figure, phrase, etc)
4. Total price
Payments will be paypal and the bookmark will be shipped after payment is received.
Put in a request, I'll message when it is complete, picture included. You will then have 1 week to give payment before the bookmark is uploaded for a free sale. [Note me if you want alternate payment methods]
FOR SALE!!!! [$1.50 each]

[$1.00 Each]
Adoptables! [Offer]

Fun in Cuffs
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Beg Me
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )


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